Practice Field

The Middletown High School football program has two practice field located in front of Keigwin Middle School. The field is short walk from the high school and allows athletes to get mentally prepared for a challenging practice. The practice field is tucked away and secluded from any distractions to allow for optimal practice time. The varsity game field is a full 80 yards long and 53 yards wide. The varsity field also has a regulation goal post to allow for accurate special teams practices. There is a separate field which is used for Freshmen practice which is 50 yards long and 53 yards wide. Before varsity home games, Skubel-Rosek field is also availabe for pre-game preparations. The stadium field is also available for days of heavy rain to allow athletes to practice in a safer environment without missing valuable time as a team.

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Game Field

The Middletown High School Football team plays its varsity games on one of the best turf fields in Connecticut. The field was constructed with the new high school in 2009 and is made of high quality Sprinturf. This allows for practices in any weather while keeping athletes safe. The stadiums sits up to 4000 fans and with one of the best bands in Connecticut to provides the football team with a great home-team advantage on Friday nights.

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Locker Rooms and Weight Room

The brand new locker rooms will be being built this Spring at the new stadium. They will be symmetrically built on either side of the concession stands and will allow both varsity and freshmen to have the own space to build better teach chemistry. The freshmen locker room will also provide visiting teams on Friday nighs a locker room for halftime and preparation.

The weight room is located inside the high school and is adjacent to the gymnasium. It is fully equipped with all equipment befitting a Class L football program. During the off-season it provides all football athetes a place to go get Bigger Faster and Stronger.