For Parents



Our goal is to take the high school student athlete where he cannot take

himself. We will create an environment that teaches young men to successful.

The following are our program goals

1. Achieve an exemplary foundation of leadership and academic success.

2. Achieve a foundation to become a successful individual thoughout life

3. Our program is based on the values of family, successful attidudes and team chemistry

4. Relentless pursuit to win the Central Connecticut Conference Division 2 West.

5. Relentless pursuit to compete in the Class L playoffs and win a Class L State Chmpionship.



  • SHOW COMMITMENT: Surrounding yourself with committed people is a cornerstone for program success
  • HAVE INTEGRITY: We will always coach and play within the confines of the game. It is important to instill this in our players
  • BE UNSELFISH: We have to find players and make players believe that its not about THEM but rather US
  • ENGAGE IN PURPOSEFUL WORK:  All actions in our program are performed with our purpose in mind. We don't have time for negative attitudes and poor work habits
  • BE MODELS OF GOOD CONDUCT:  Our coaches will be positive role models for our players. If our priorities are truely in order, we will be great examples for those around us.
  • DISPLAY INTENSITY AND ENTHUSIASM: Enthusiasm is contagious; it spreads from coach to coach and coach to player. Football is an intense game played by intense players. We have to coach the same way.
  • BE HONEST: Coaches have to be honest with the players and let them know exactly where they stand and what we expect from them. Honesty builds trust in players and lets them know you want them to succeed and improve.
  • EXECUTE FUNDAMENTALS: We will by eliminating bad plays and mistakes. We are fundamentally sound in all we do.
  • DEVELOP PLAYERS: We want players to leave us better people than when they arrived. Our program educates the whole player for life after football. Those who leave with the work ethic that we instill will succeed.
  • HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: Attitude is also contagious. We are all in control of our attitude. We want all members of our program to have a "can do" outlook, a willingness to give their best effort for the TEAM at all times
  • BE PERSISTENT:  We will compete and never give up as long as there is time left on the clock. This approach teaches great life lessons to players. No matter what the obstacle or situation never, never, never give up.
  • VOICE SOLUTIONS, NOT COMPLAINTS:  Our team purpose puts coaches on ground level in regards to making decisions and acting on behalf of the program. If a coach complains, the solutions to the problem better be the next thing he says. We are all in this together, and want to do things the BEST way, not necessarily MY way.