Parent Letter

Dear Parent/Guardian,

 Determination regarding a student’s return to play and participation in daily athletics are at the discretion of the athletic trainer, in consultation with school MD and local physicians when indicated or necessary.

 If your student Athlete suffers from any allergies or asthma, please make sure they have their medication on them or in the medical kits at all times in case of emergency

 In the event an athlete is injured and requires medical attention, the following guidelines should be followed:

  • Report all sport injuries to the Certified Athletic Trainer for the proper medical attention.
  • If your son and/or daughter are required to be seen by a physician, you may take your child to any physician you wish. However, the athletic trainer can help expedite an appointment with a orthopedic specialist if you so desire.
  • A note from a doctor (i.e.: primary physician or emergency room physician) clearing the athlete will be REQUIRED for the athlete to return to sports. Anytime you take your child to a physician for an athletic injury we ask that you obtain in writing the doctor’s instructions for treatment and return to play guidelines for us to appropriately treat your child. Your child will not be allowed to return to practice or competition without a dated note along with the diagnosis from his/her physician.


If a concussion is suspected and/or is diagnosed, the appropriate management strategy should be followed:

  • Your child must initially follow up with a treating physician.
  • In order to increase lines of communication please sign a HIPPA release form in order for the athletic trainer and/or the school doctor to consult with the treating physician.
  • It is extremely important in the early phases to keep your child in a quite and stress free environment. Computer use, text messaging, TV and physical exercise can often continue to stimulate the brain and can slow down the healing process.
  • It is recommended, if at all possible, to limit or eliminate driving initially.
  • Upon return to school, the athlete must first check in with the nurse and is recommended to check in with the guidance counselor.
  • The nurse and the guidance counselor will assist in the transit of your child’s classroom work load.
  • Please make your child aware to go to the nurse if they develop signs and symptoms. The guidance counselor will make necessary adjustments in the classroom.
  • Once the athlete is asymptomatic they need to contact the athletic trainer. An Impact test will be performed in comparison to their baseline score.
  • There may be a need to refer to a specialist if your child still experiences post-concussion symptoms.
  • Once Impact scores are back to their baseline, physical exertion testing will be performed to return to their sport.
  • Once they are back to their normal baseline and asymptomatic during non-contact exertion testing, Dr. O'Connell will have the final clearance for return to play.

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s health as a result to an injury, please contact me at (704) 704-4559 or email me at [email protected] 


Christian Battey