Naviance/Family Connection

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What is Naviance?

It is an online resource to assist students with career exploration and college planning.

What can you do with Naviance?

  • Search for colleges
  • Career Interest Inventories
  • Learning Style Inventories
  • Compare colleges
  • Track deadlines
  • Research college info
  • See a list of colleges visiting MHS
  • Create a resume
  • Explore career options
  • Ask for letters of recommendation

How to use Naviance: 

How do I add colleges to my list in Naviance?

In order to use Naviance to send your information to colleges, you will need to complete the following:

  1. Create a Common App account

  2. Complete the Education section of the Common App.

  3. Click the College Search tab to add schools to your common app.

  4. Click the My Colleges tab to view the colleges you have added.

  5. Click the Recommenders & FERPA tab and the follow steps.

  6. Now go to the Middletown Guidance website, click Naviance/Family Connection.

  7. Your Naviance Account has already been created for you. On the log-in page user your registration code to create an account. You MUST enter an email address.

  8. Go to the Colleges tab and click on Colleges I am applying to. Enter in your Common App information and click Match.

  9. The colleges you have entered on your Common App will appear in Naviance. You can add other schools by clicking on Add to this list and go to Lookup.

  10. Use the Search Options to find the name of the College(s) you are applying to and select the college – once you have completed your list, click on Add Colleges.

  11. You will now be re-directed to the Colleges I am applying to page and you should see a list of your colleges, including a link to each campus as well as information about submitting the application.

  12. Go to Have you Applied and update the deadline info (ie. Regular Decision, Early Action) and the be sure to click on Update at the bottom of the page.

How do I request teacher recommendations?

We do not use the teacher recommendation option in Naviance/Family Connections.  Please speak directly to your teachers and school counselor about writing letters of recommendations.  You should also provide your teachers and school counselor a copy of your resume when they have agreed to write your letter.

What about my guidance counselor recommendation?

You will need to bring your resume to your counselor in order to have a letter of recommendation written.

What about a recommendation from a coach or advisor?

If you are using Common App, click My Colleges, then Recommenders. If your school allows an outside recommendation, there will be a place to enter in their contact information. They will submit it to the college electronically. If you are NOT using Common App, have your coach/advisor upload letter to Naviance.