Ag I Students

Ag I Students

Nov 12 2019 2

This page of the website is dedicated to help you, the Ag I student, keep updated on activities, events, and due dates that apply to students in the first year of agricultural education. Be sure to view Activities & Events on this website to get information on the entire chapter.

Tips for a Super Successful First Year in Agriculture

  • Attend Summer Orientation (August)
  • Attend Welcome Back Picnic (September)
  • Sign up for a Fall CDE (September – November)
  • Develop an SAE
  • Use a calendar, smart phone, or computer to record SAE activities
  • Learn FFA creed (compete in the CDE)
  • Complete your Ag Career Research Paper Requirement (September-October)
  • Go to FFA Meetings (1 per month)
  • Run for Mini-Chapter Office
  • Sign up form “MyAgCN” on
  • Join a FFA Committee
  • Apply for the Greenhand Degree (November)
  • Sign up for a Spring CDE (February-April)
  • Attend Open House (April)
  • Apply for Banquet Awards (April)
  • Go to the FFA Awards Banquet (May)
  • Explore Post-High School Options: Careers, Post-Secondary Education, & Scholarships
  • Gain more SAE Experience (June-August)
  • Meet with your SAE Advisor (June-August)

Required - Research Paper

All students are required to write a research paper on an agricultural career.
Students should refer to the Google Classroom for details.


FFA Members have many opportunities to be competitive. The National FFA Organization refers to these activities as Career Development Events (CDE) because the activities help to develop skills that will apply to careers in agriculture. Career Development Events will be held throughout the year.

The FFA also has Career Development Events designed exclusively for first year students. The first CDE for Vo-Ag I students will be the Creed Speaking CDE. Students compete against each other through oral presentations of the FFA Creed (a copy can be found by visiting Only first year students may compete in this event.

In the Classroom...


Ag I students will have two orientation units: Introduction to the FFA and Introduction to the Supervised Agricultural Experience. FFA and SAE instruction will continue throughout the year during Leadership classes. The entire Ag I class is divided into smaller groups. These smaller classes will rotate between the four introductory classes: Introduction to Animal Science, Introduction to Agricultural Mechanics, Introduction to Natural Resources, and Introduction to Plant Science. At the completion of these introductory classes the students will express an interest in one of the four areas. The staff will place students based on interest and performance in the introductory courses.

SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience)

All students are required to have an SAE. Teachers instruct student on these requirements.

Visit the SAE Page for helpful information & resources, by clicking here.