Ag II Students

Ag II Students

This page of the website is dedicated to help Ag II students keep updated on activities, events, and due dates that apply to students in the second year of agricultural education. Be sure to view Activities & Events on this website to get information on the entire chapter.


Tips for a Super Successful Year in Ag

Year 2

  • Bring summer records to school (September)
  • Attend Welcome Back Picnic (September)
  • Set new goals for your SAE, relate to career goals
  • Sign up for a Fall CDE (September – November)
  • Use a calendar, smart phone, or computer to record SAE activities
  • Work on Chapter Degree Requirements
  • Compete in a speaking contest
  • Complete your Ag research paper requirements (September- October)
  • Attend FFA Meetings
  • Apply for Chapter Degree (January)
  • Update “MyAgCN” account
  • Join a FFA Committee
  • Sign up for a Spring CDE (February-April)
  • Run for FFA Office (April-May)
  • Attend Open House (April)
  • Apply for Banquet Awards (April)
  • Go to the FFA Awards Banquet (May)
  • Attend State FFA Conference (May or June)
  • Explore Post-High School Options: Careers, Post-Secondary Education, & Scholarships
  • Gain more SAE Experience (June-August)
  • Meet with your SAE Advisor (June-August)

Required - Research Paper! 

All Ag II students must write a research paper. Students should check the Google Classroom for details.

Career Development Events


The Career Development Event (CDE) and Leadership Development Events (LDE) opportunities for FFA members are available to all members. Practice are held throughout the year. Check postings in the ag center for practice schedules. We strongly encourage all members to participate. No experience or prior knowledge necessary. The agriculture teachers will teach you what you need to know.

Supervised Agricultural Experience Updates

Please,visit our SAE page for helpful information and resources by clicking here.

NOTE: A waiver for non-paid work experience must be filed in order for volunteer hours to count for SAE credit. Non-paid work experience is only eligible for SAE credit if at an official non-profit organization. 


In the Classroom...


Ag II students will enter a unit in his/her selected area of concentration in agriculture. He/She will remain in this area of concentration for the the majority of the school year. All students will be taking four weeks of instruction on pesticide use and safety. The Ag II units are the building blocks for Advanced Agricultural units. 

All Ag II students must write a research paper on an agricultural career choice.