Parent & Alumni Support

Coffee & Consult
An Advisory Committee meets throughout the academic year at the Agriculture Science & Technology (ASTE) Program. The meetings allow teachers to learn about the community and agricultural industry, while allowing those who attend an opportunity to see what is happening in Agricultural Education.  Parents, Students, Agriculturalists, and Educators attend to provide feedback and support. All are welcome to join us for "Coffee & Consult."
Please, contact the ASTE Center (860-705-4594 or Rebecca Isaacson) for meeting dates and information. 

Please, join HOPE our Parent & Alumni Organization
Parents, alumni, and friends of the FFA are invited to join the Parent/Alumni organization. HOPE is currently seeking members and looking to improve the role of alumni members in the classroom, in competitions, and on the job. Now more than ever, we need adults willing to help agriculture students. Those interested in joining should contact the center (call 860.704.4599 or email [email protected]), contact a member, come to a meeting. 

  Come join the fun!


The National FFA Alumni Organization is also seeking membership. Any adult who wants to support FFA is welcome.