Advanced Placement Courses

Welcome, Advanced Placement (AP) Students!

Ryan Mertel

AP Coordinator and AP Audit Coordinator



The following are AP courses offered here at Middletown High School:

English Language Computer Science A Biology

English Literature Computer Science Principles Chemistry

United States History Calculus AB Environmental Science

US Government and Politics Statistics Physics I

Human Geography Spanish Language Physics II

Psychology French Language Studio Art - 3D

Music Theory Studio Art - Drawing

Click here for more information on the AP Program.

How to sign up for an AP exam:

  1. Go to (same login for PSAT/SAT) a. If you forgot username/password, click on “Forgot username/password”

b. Do NOT make a new account: If nothing works, please see Mr. Mertel or Ms. Franco

How to pay for an AP exam:

Go to

  1. Be sure to select the correct course and teacher. Use your PERSONAL email address.
  2. Remember to indicate if you are free/reduced lunch.