Calendar of Activities

Calendar of Activities

Activities ongoing throughout the year:

Individual counseling services for academic, emotional and behavior issues. Group counseling services for academic, emotional and behavior issues. Weekly building level guidance department meetings. Student/teacher/parent/administrator conferences on an individual basis. Conferences with teacher, school social workers, psychologists, youth counselors, and outside placement personnel. Coordinate AP program. Coordinate VHS program. Coordinate all scholarships. Coordinate SAT / ACT testing for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Register new students Coordinate students withdrawals for MHS Attend school wide events to support students. Coordinate sports eligibility. Coordinate homebound tutoring. Coordinate bi-weekly progress reports for 504 students. Promote tutoring services. Maintain Guidance website. Announce registration deadlines for PSAT, SAT I, SAT II and ACT test dates and procedures. Make Peer Mediations referrals when appropriate. Meet with students on academic probation. Set up and facilitate 504 meetings. Parent / Teacher meetings. Coordinate parent requests for status reports. Attend PPT meetings when needed. Attend (membership in) crisis intervention, dropout prevention, Special Programs, and Alternative Education Team meetings. Attend Professional Development meetings. Attend school wide data team meetings. Attend PTA/Partnership meetings. Attend Board of Education Meetings. Attend Department Data Team Meetings. Attend monthly meetings with probation, DCF, Family with Service Needs and community outreach groups. Attend monthly Consortium meetings. Attend monthly Career Expo Planning meetings. Attend monthly faculty meetings.


  • Participate in ninth grade orientation program.
  • Update school profile.
  • Update student schedules and balance classes.
  • Update credit sheets.
  • Enter summer school grades.
  • Register new students.
  • Attend Professional Development Workshops.
  • Schedule college representatives' visits to MHS.
  • Prepare documents for Senior Meetings.
  • Prepare information for College Career Pathways Program.
  • Coordinate Consortium's SAT prep program for MHS students.
  • Coordinate sending scholarship money to recipients colleges


  • Assist with students' schedule changes
  • Conduct small senior group conferences to discuss credits & post secondary planning
  • Enroll new students
  • Meet inpidually with retained students
  • Attend class meetings
  • Announce Day of Pride program for UCONN
  • Distribute College Career Pathways Applications
  • Schedule and meet with college representatives
  • Meet with students regarding UCONN early college experience program
  • Plan PSAT logistics
  • Update CAPT results in computer
  • Distribute senior letters with inpidual graduation requirements


  • Meet with college representatives
  • Organize and submit College Career Pathways Applications
  • Write letters of recommendation
  • Process college application and teacher recommendations
  • Continue inpidual senior conferences to discuss credits and post secondary planning
  • Schedule parent conferences when appropriate
  • Visit junior classes to explain PSAT testing and distribute study guides
  • Administer PSAT
  • Teacher Conferences


  • Administration of SAT I and SAT II
  • Process college applications and recommendations
  • Conduct parent conferences (on inpidual basis) based on report cards
  • Continue inpidual senior conferences to discuss credits and post secondary planning
  • Coordinate leadership conference
  • Set up and attend Financial Aid Night


  • Process college applications and recommendations
  • Inform students of financial aid procedures and deadlines
  • Continue inpidual senior conferences to discuss credits/future plans
  • Coordinate Consortium's SAT Prep Program for MHS students
  • Plan for Junior Meetings
  • Set up and attend Junior Planning Night for students and parents
  • Meet with juniors indvidiually to go over PSAT results and plans for after high school


  • Recheck senior records
  • Resolve schedule conflicts for spring semester
  • Process college applications and recommendations
  • Assist students who are planning mid-year graduation
  • Check senior failures for fall semester and adjust student schedules where needed
  • Set up and attend Freshman Information /Course Description Night
  • Visit middle school for 8th grade course selection


  • Update "Program of Studies" (review course selection card and booklet)
  • Attend credit withdrawal hearings
  • Meet with students inpidually for course selection
  • Meet with Alternative Education staff/teachers to update credits
  • Begin preparation for Connecticut Academic Performance Test (CAPT)


  • Continue with course selection for upcoming year
  • CAPT administration
  • Work with students and parents on progress reports
  • Attend annual review/PPT meetings
  • Register non-public school 8th graders for upcoming year
  • Participate in TEEN LIFE conference at Wesleyan University
  • Participate in persity programs
  • Attend Vocational Agriculture Open House


  • Annual reviews/PPT meetings
  • Announce UCONN Mentor Program and Youth Summer Arts Program
  • Begin coordinating signups for AP tests
  • Visit junior and senior English classes for post secondary planning check in
  • Announce Summer Enrichment Programs
  • Meet with students regarding UCONN early college experience program
  • Organize and attend Consortium's Career Expo


  • Resolve schedule conflicts for next school year
  • Annual review PPT meetings
  • Advanced Placement testing
  • Continue coordinating UCONN Mentor Program Coordinate Awards Ceremony
  • Distribute and compile final transcript releases
  • Meet with seniors regarding deficiencies
  • Coordinate registration for Wesleyan University & Middlesex Community Technical College partnership courses


  • Continue to resolve schedule conflicts for next school year
  • Contact all seniors on the senior failure list - if necessary-contact parents
  • Assist students with Summer School registration
  • Review options for seniors who will not be graduating
  • Annual review/PPT meetings
  • Coordinate awards and scholarships
  • Mail summer school letters
  • Balance classes
  • Attend credit withdrawal hearing
  • Organize and send out grades for College Career Pathway students
  • Assist with graduation rehearsals and graduation ceremony