Community Service

Middletown High School Community Service Philosophy

The goal of the Community Service component of Middletown High School is to foster a sense of responsibility as citizens. As responsible citizens, it is more likely that students will establish a clear connection to their school and community. The key competencies listed below can affect positive changes in the eyes of the person served, as well as inpidual growth of the student providing the service.


- Awareness: Serving others and giving of one’s time develops a greater awareness of social responsibility,concern for the welfare of others, and a sense of the importance of the group and inpidual action in a society.

- Knowledge: Participating in community service will demonstrate increased knowledge and understanding of people living together in a society.

- Connections: Increasing active participation in community affairs will heighten connections to the community and promote the likelihood of future involvement in civic affairs.

- Exploration: Observing community roles will assist in career exploration.

- Self-reliance: Volunteer service promotes a greater sense of self-reliance and less dependence others

Examples of Community Involvement Activities

The following list is not exclusive but contains some examples of activities that are suitable for completion of the Community Involvement requirement.

Not-for-profit Agencies – includes activities for any institution or foundation that conforms to the ethical standards of the Board and the Ministry of Education

Support for Inpiduals – includes assistance to those in need with shopping, housekeeping, writing letters or transcribing, hospital visitation or chronic care

Learning Assistance – includes activities in structured programs that promote tutoring, mentoring, coaching, reading buddies or whose purpose is to help others who require that assistance

Ethical Contributions – includes affiliation with a club, religious organization or political organization that seeks to make a positive and ethical contribution to the community or supports ethical works of a global nature

Community Projects – includes participating in food drives or supporting groups such as 4H Clubs, Welcome Wagon or Meals-on-Wheels

Community Events – includes helping to organize winter carnivals, parades and community celebrations

Sports/Recreation – includes coaching and helping to organize Special Olympics, sporting events or games, or volunteering at a recreation centre

Environmental Projects – includes participating in community clean-up, flower/tree planting, recycling and neighborhood beautification projects

Work with Seniors – includes assisting in a seniors’ residence, serving snacks, supporting craft activities or participating in visiting and reading programs

Youth Programs – includes assistance with youth programs, March Break programs, Leaders in Training, socializing special needs youth, summer playground activities and camps

Arts and Culture – includes assisting at a gallery, performing arts production or in a community library program

Committee Work – includes participating on advisory boards, neighborhood associations and regional organizations

Office/Clerical Work – includes activities in reception, computer work and mailings for groups providing charitable or general community benefit

Fundraising – includes walk-a-thons for community benefit, celebrity games, gift wrapping, gala events and sales for

charitable purposes

School Community Service – includes service within the school community that provides benefits to others and takes place outside the time allotted for the instructional program on a school day, such as peer mentoring, tutoring or helping.


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