Enrichment Opportunities

College Credit Opportunities

Summer Options:

At Middletown High School:

UConn ECE Courses offered: 

ENGL 1011 Seminar in Writing through Literature (4 credits)

HIST 1300 Western Traditions Before 1500 (3 credits)

HIST 1400 Modern Western Traditions (3 credits)

ANSC 1602 Behavior and Training of Domestic Animals (offered every other year - 3 credits)

SPSS 1100 Turfgrass Management (offered every other year - 3 credits)

Middlesex CCP

Courses offered:


ECE 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education (3 credits)

VET 101 Introduction to Veterinary Technology (3 credits)

COM 129 Digital Video Production

MFG 150 Intro. to Machine Technology (4 credits, 6 contact hours)

MFG 166 Benchwork (3 credits)


Middlesex Free Seats Program

  • This initial scholarship form allows us to learn more about the student and their areas of interest to prepare them for college
  • Once this form is completed, we work with MHS to review the information
  • Scholarship recipients will be notified via their personal email accounts below with next steps in the process
  • Limited number of seats available

Wesleyan Pre-College Experience Program:

Eligible Juniors and Seniors 
Students will be members of the Wesleyan community, taking courses alongside Wesleyan students, with the option to live on campus
Other activities will include picnics, performances, movie nights, and other outings