Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Middletown High School values Preparation, Respect, Integrity, Determination, and Excellence. Through rigorous curriculum and the building of relationships among faculty, staff, students and community, we empower students to become life-long learners. Our educational community will foster self-esteem and a culture of achievement and acceptance. Students will leave Middletown High School with the 21st-century skills necessary to maximize their potential as productive members of society and contributors to the global community.


  • to use 21st-century skills and to become self-sufficient and active contributors in a dynamically changing world.


  • for the school’s institutional framework and for values which reflect consideration and regard for people and property, while embracing differences in culture, ideas, and beliefs.


  • to maintain high ethical and professional standards in our daily interactions, our work and ourselves.


  • to realize one’s fullest potential in the face of social, intellectual, emotional, and physical challenges.


  • in every endeavor reflected in a clear commitment to achieve the highest standards.